Breakthrough agricultural sensing


Earthwise leverages the latest sensing and communications technology to provide growers with more information about their crops. This breakthrough technology opens the door to immersive and detailed sensor data at a fraction of the cost and installation headaches of existing solutions.



Irrigation is one of the most critical aspects of maintaining healthy crops. By using rugged wireless sensors Earthwise can deploy immersive systems that can pin point moisture conditions at every critical location.


Maintaining a healthy pH level can provide greater crop yields. Earthwise allows you to embed these sensors over a large area to provide live readings across your fields. This enables more seamless decision making around lime application and other important decisions.


Electrical conductivity can point to signs of salt build up or other important grow factors. By having live readings of EC throughout your crops better fertilization and irrigation decision can be made.


All Earthwise systems are equipped with GPS. This allows the rapid deployment of a large number of wireless sensor stakes with unprecedented ease. All sensor data can tied to exact GPS coordinates to more easily manage and understand the data.



A web application provides users with soil information in an easy to use format. A map with markers for every sensing location provides quick insight into current conditions.

In depth analysis of the current conditions can easily be done with the interactive graphs of all vital data. Spreadsheets of all historical data can be downloaded for users to make their own charts and for further analysis.


The backbone of Earthwise's effectiveness is its communication technology. The sensors use long range, low power wireless communication. A low cost ($250) base station is installed on site to aggregate all the sensor data and send it to the internet. A single base station can cover an area as large as a 10 mile radius. Older technologies with this capability have always been higher power, higher cost, and lower performance. Earthwise sensors run off of 2 AA batteries and last for years while continually sending the data to the base station.

This technology enables never before seen sensor systems at an extremely affordable price. The ease of deployment and scalability removes the barrier of entry for new adopters.