Know when your tank is in danger before anything goes wrong. Tankwise monitors ammonia, nitrate, pH, dissolved oxygen, and the temperature of your aquarium or aquaponics system. Text messages or emails are sent out when water parameters are outside of a safe range.  



Tankwise monitors your aquarium or aquaponics system with nitrate, ammonia, pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature sensors. It constantly gathers this data sends it to the cloud. This allows you to check on your fish from anywhere in the world. Email and text alerts can be set up to let you know if something goes wrong.


 The application to view your data is web based making it compatible with any phone or computer with a web browser. You are provided with a dashboard with live graphs as well as tables of your data for downloading into Excel. This provides you the tools to analyze your data and have a greater understanding of your tank's health.


Affordability, accuracy, and stability were optimized when selecting the sensors for tanwise. The nitrate and ammonia sensors provide front row seats to the nitrogen cycle going on inside your tank. Tankwise keeps you informed on what's most important to enable you to make the right decisions.